Kitchen Staff position

Experiences or license are not required.
If you are interested in cooking or wines, or customer service with aspiring and positive attitudes, you can develop your career here!
Please call us at 078-252-8772 for more details.

Instructor and Assistant position for the cooking class

Matsushima is looking for an instructor and assistant for our cooking class.
You career path would start from here; start introducing high styles in Food!

1. Instructor

Job details
Manage not only the cooking class at Matsushima but also at outside locations or food seminar
Prepare and instruct the lesson, including arranging student recruitment and the entire operation.
Right person
Work-ready experienced person (minimum 3-year experiences as cooking instructor or cook at a restaurant)
You will work as assistant for the first 3 months. During this trial period, your ability as instructor will be evaluated. Once you have passed our evaluation, you will start working as instructor for the class.

2. Assistant

Job details
Assist the instructor, including organizing recipes and making preparations for the class
Right person
  • Cheerful, healthy, and passionate about cooking
  • Interest in Food world
  • Knowledge about Word and Excel
We value your can-do spirit over experience.
Please call for available positions at 078-252-8772.