Measures against COVID-19 in Matsushima
What is the best hospitality? We, Matsushima, set this quest as our theme.
Selecting the finest ingredients every day, we present seasonal menu with special recipe to maximize the natural aspect of Japan’s four seasons through food. This is how we bring you ultimate experience of comfort.
We look forward to meeting you at Matsushima with our best recipe and smile!
  • Pear & Apple, Southern leek course
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Monthly Menu for November

Pear & Apple, Southern leek course

Notes about reservation and cancellation

  • Reservations by e-mail, please contact the property at least 3 days in advance.
    Please contact us by telephone(078-252-8772) the day before or on the day of booking.
  • When you cancel a reservation, please contact to up to 2 days before.
    Cancellation of the day before and the day is not possible to respond.
  • Cancellation of the day before and the day will be charged a cancellation fee (The day before: 50%, The day: 100%).
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2022. 10. 28
2022. 10. 03
  • Closed on 10/9 (Sun.) for catering.
  • We will be open only for dinner on 10/12 (Wed.) due to an exhibition.

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