Restaurant is the place to bring people together.

Restaurant is the place
to bring people together.

I opened Matsushima together with my wife as my partner. With our hearts filled with expectation and uneasiness we were at the starting line in unknown land. Since then we’ve met so many people. They are farm producers who have been supporting our business, customers who always speak warm cheers to us, and couriers who deliver us the finest foods every day despite the heat or cold. Matsushima is one of the most fortunate restaurants, built upon many people’s support.

Since I started my culinary career, I have put myself in various learning situations with great enthusiasm. I spent years working in France, looking around wide variety of foods, and visiting many countries in Europe. Such extensive experiences made me realize the magnificence of Japan. We are very lucky to live in this beautiful country, enjoying the fruits of four seasons.

Each season offers us each colors and aromas.
If you try to feel wind even in Kobe, you would know what I am talking about; wind in spring and wind in fall are totally different. Or maybe I finally became mature enough to notice the difference. I have been seeking the way to express each season on our dish, like different aromas, temperatures, and colors, which we feel in the air even without knowing. That is our goal.

We are striving to make a dish in which Japanese people dearly relish Japan’s four seasons.
Also it would be our pleasure if our food helps foreign tourists to enjoy Japan, saying like they were very glad to come to this country. Taking advantage of the sensitivity as Japanese, cultivated for years, I will do my best to create Matsushima’s food. It would be the greatest challenge for me, but that’s why it’s worth challenging and I will enjoy it!

I believe I could express myself on the dish if I give my whole mind to and enjoy it. Matsushima will never stop exploring the world of food.
Please enjoy your time, tasting Japan’s four seasons at Matsushima.