Matsushima's dinner!! from 5,500yen/person

The concept is that Matushima will help you with a little extravagant dinner at home everyday.
Menu style of the day that informs the menu on SNS every day.
We offer appetizers, vegetable dishes, main dishes and desserts.
We will hand over the completed dishes in a vacuum pack or a paper pack so that you can eat it as soon as you return.
Basically, I think that you can eat that day, so I make it like the shop, so please eat as soon as possible.

Matsushima Regular Delivery

We will prepare Matsushima dinner (5,500yen/person (shipping fee not included)) several times a month.
You can either come to the store or deliver.
As a thank-you to everyone, I will give back the coupon ticket that can be used on Matsushima after Corona at 10-20% of the purchase price and hand it over. We look forward to your order.

GIFT BOX!! from 11,000yen/person

The concept is to give a present to a little distant person and a pleasant meal to a family living away from their parents' home.
We will make the contents by contacting us and listening to requests etc.
There are 2 to 3 types of appetizers, 2 to 3 types of main dishes, 2 types of vegetable dishes, and dessert.
The contents are a little extravagant and all are packed in a vacuum pack so that they can be stored frozen when not in use. We will send it along with a popular manual that describes how to eat and how to save it.

[Matsushima dinner & GIFT BOX application / payment / delivery]

Delivery method
Please come to the store between 10:00 and 20:00 on the day
We accept cash, cards, and PayPay.
(AMEX, JCB, DINNERS are not available)
[For refrigerated courier service]
Sagawa Express cannot specify the time due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Please understand that we would like to convey your wishes.
KANSAI AREA: refrigerated courier + shipping fee + packing fee 1.650yen (tax included)
*Remote islands are charged separately.
*Payment will be enclosed with the invoice, so please make a payment to the bank after arrival within April.
*If you wish to specify the time, it will be delivered by Yamato Transport and will be charged separately.
Please use the message from Matsushima's LINE or SNS.
If you do not receive a reply, you may have overlooked it, so it would be very helpful if you could contact us again. This is where most of the latest information is updated.
You can call us at 078-252-8772 (*There are times when you can't answer because you often work alone as a store owner)